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The school year is coming to a close. Here are a few activities to know about before we say goodbye to the classroom and hello to Summer! Teacher Appreciation Week – sponsored by CIA Bessemer Academy’s Community in Action parent group encourages all students to show appreciation for their teachers next week! Awards Day and Exam Schedule Parents and family members are invited to attend Awards ceremonies. Students who are taking exams will need to be present for the exam times listed. Break will be 9:30 – 10:00 am every day for grades 6-12. Students only need to come for the exams they are required to take. All 6-12 grade students will be dismissed at 11:30 am Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Please see the exemption policy in the BA handbook.

Grades 6-12 will take end-of-semester exams using the following adjusted class schedule. Friday, 12/9 and Monday, 12/12 7th period exams  2:18-3:08pm Regular school schedule for all students   Tuesday, 12/13 1st period exams 8:00-9:30am Break 9:30-10:00am 3rd period exams 10:00-11:30am Wednesday, 12/14 2nd period exams 8:00-9:30am Break 9:30-10:00am 5th period exams 10:00-11:30am Thursday, 12/15 4th period exams 8:00-9:30am Break 9:30-10:00am 6th period exams 10:00-11:30am Friday, 12/16 Make up exams*     7th period exams will be split, with part 1 on Friday, 12/9 and part 2 on Monday 12/12, during the regular 7th period class time. Beginning Tuesday, 12/13, exams will take place 8:00 – 9:30am and 10:00 – 11:30am, with break in between. All students in grades 6-12 are dismissed after the second exam of the day. *A doctor’s excuse is required for make up exams, and those must be scheduled with the teacher giving the exam. 

Students in grades 6-12 will begin exams Monday, May 9th. 7th period exams will be held during 7th period Monday and Tuesday. All other exams will follow the class schedule outlined below. Students will be dismissed daily at the end of their last exam of the day beginning Wednesday, May 11th. A doctor’s excuse is required for any absence during an exam, and students should contact their teachers to schedule a make-up exam. High school awards — May 9th, 8:30am Middle school awards — May 9th, 10:30am Preschool graduation — May 10th, 8:30am Kindergarten graduation — May 11th, 8:30am Elementary awards — May 12th, 8:30am Senior class day — May 16th, 9:00am

The Bessemer Academy elementary classes present Christmas 2021! Clicking any picture below will open a video in YouTube, which will start with that class. You can also skip to find other classes in the video.          

What a year it has been! We are so thankful for all our faculty, staff, students, and parents for doing everything needed to make this year successful. We love to celebrate our students’ accomplishments at the end of each year, so here are the videos and live-streams from all the Awards Day events!

The Bessemer Academy parent organization, Community in Action (CIA) invites you to help celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Please view the schedule below to participate! Schedule for Teacher Appreciation Week

Students will be exempt from final exams for the Spring 2021 semester. However, some teachers may choose to give a test for the end of the nine weeks. If so, middle and high school English and history classes may have a nine weeks test on Monday, May 10th, and math and science classes may have a test on Tuesday, May 11th. All students will be present for a full, regular school day through Tuesday, May 11th. Students with a semester average above 75 will be excused from attendance after Tuesday, May 11th. Students with below a 75 in any class should attend that class through Friday, May 14th. Those students will have the opportunity to work closely with their teachers to make up missed work or lost credit for the semester and improve their understanding of course content before moving on to the next year.