388291_339162972765101_1058537563_nOur preschool program gives your child a firm foundation in the Bible as well as academics.


76534_181517265196340_6363076_nOur school creed is The Rebel Way. These are principles each student strives to uphold.

Respect- I will show respect in all things. I am personally responsible for all I say and do. I will act with integrity- no bullying, put downs or disrespect.

Excellence in the classroom- I will make academics my priority. I will maintain excellence and honesty in all my academic work.

Building positive relationships- I will make my personal connection to faith, family and friends priority in my life. I will present a positive image of myself and BA at all times.

Effort- I will be determined- Quitting is not an option for me. My personal commitment to excellence and effort is everlasting.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


76629_181516971863036_4184521_nSeveral of our high school classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards which allows greater student interaction and access to 21st century technology. A class set of Chromebooks travels between classrooms, and all high school students are proficient in Chrome and Google Drive.


148660_181516928529707_2038728_nOur well-equipped science lab gives our students many opportunities to learn hands-on and acquire lab skills that will help them succeed in the college lab.


149289_181516311863102_3221632_nEntrance to the campus is secured with a remote controlled gate and monitored through a series of security cameras and buzzer doors.


155732_181517165196350_4239433_nOur high school computer lab is a room dedicated to 1:1 learning situations where each student has his own computer for 21st century learning.


162614_181516868529713_1440956_nA view down our elementary school hall where students delight to see that their work is proudly displayed.