Fall Induction Ceremony held for Junior & Senior Beta Club at Bessemer Academy

On Friday, August 28, the Junior and Senior chapters of the National Beta Club at Bessemer Academy inducted new members. The gym bleachers were filled to overflowing with family members who came to celebrate with our students who had achieved this academic milestone.

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New members of the Junior Beta Club are as follows:

Mitchell Barnes

Christopher Bateh

Daniel Brown

Ashlyln Duncan

Hailey Hamrick

Kaitlin Harris

Jeremy Hawkins

Aimee Howard

Hunter Jacks

Alyssa Lawley

Madelyn McLaughlin

Jackson Price

Rachel Robinson

Christian Standfield

Zachary Tinsley

Judson Hogeland

Cailey Parker

Alyssa Wilder

New members of the Senior Beta Club are as follows:

Logan Burnett

Alyssa Ryan

Kelsey Carroll

Clay Farrington

Jonathan Baldwin

Brooke Barger

Aaron Brown

Wesley Davis

Morgan Brobston

Matthew Barnes

Courtney Blanks

Grace Brister

Ashlyn Hamrick

Ben Casey

Lauren Hawkins

Alexis Duncan

Samantha Linholm

Joshua Farrington

Grace Mangione

Julian Henley-Kendrick

Chase Medders

Kalie Howell

Tamia Moore

Baleigh Jones

Cassidy Nolan

Elliott Knight

Nick Perry

Andrew Lawley

Jessica Ponder

Walker Payne

Michelle Roberts

Matthew Thomas

Brianne Stephens

Alexandria Thompson

Seth Sumerlin

Kaila Wildman

Kiley Turk

They join our current members and bring the total to 86 members at Bessemer Academy. Congratulations on your academic excellence!