BA Library now has ebooks!

BA Library now has ebooks!

This is an exciting time for the Bessemer Academy Library!  With a
generous grant from our Board we now have books available in THREE
formats: a regular hardback book, a web-hosted ebook, and a scan-to-read
ebook.   Students may either check out the physical book from the BA Library,
access the book on the Internet*, or scan a QR Code in the library with the QR Reader
app on their tablet or phone.  Everyone may even read a specific ebook at
the same time!


*For all the books below, the log in credentials are

Login: bessemeracad

PW: student

Available from My Capstone Library

Anatomy of a Hurricane
Anatomy of a Pandemic
Anatomy of an Earthquake
Anatomy of a Tornado
Ancient China: Beyond the Great Wall
Ancient Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids
Ancient Greece: Birthplace of a Democracy
Ancient Rome: A Mighty Empire
Control Under Fire
Crime Fighting Devices
The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies: The Disgusting Details about Life in Colonial America
Fighting Phantoms
How Do Scientists Explore Space?
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Kylie Jean, Singing Queen
Kylie Jean, Spelling Queen
The Terrible, Awful Civil War: The Disgusting Details about Life during America’s Bloodiest War
The Arab-Israeli War since 1948
The Biggest Battles of the Revolutionary War
The Rebellious Colonists and the Causes of the American Revolution
The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and a New Nation
Voices of World War II: Stories from the Front Lines
The War of the Worlds
Weapons, Gear, and Uniforms of the American Revolution
Weapons, Gear, and Uniforms of the Civil War
Weapons, Gear, and Uniforms of the Iraq War
Weapons, Gear, and Uniforms of World War I
What Do We Know about Stars and Galaxies?
What Do We Know about the Solar System?
What Does Space Exploration Do for Us?
Why Is There Life on Earth?
Available from Abdo Available from Big Timber Media/Bearport
The Avengers (elementary/middle):Finding Zemo
The leader has a big head
The masters of evil
The replacements
Doll winners squad
Don’t follow the leader
Ms. Isaacson’s third grade field trip
Which wish?
Ego : the loving planet
High Serpent Society
Medieval women
A not-so-beautiful mind
Attack of the 50 foot girl!
The avenging seven
Bringers of the storm
Even a hawkeye can cryHigh School Graphic Novels:
Julius Caesar
Romeo and Juliet


Additionally, there are history titles
available at school that are accessible
by scanning a QR code in the library
America Enters the Industrial  Revolution
America’s First Settlements
Building an Empire: The Louisiana Purchase
Building the Erie Canal
Building the Transcontinental Railroad
Epic Civil War Battles
Exploring the Territories of the United States
Immigrants to America
Slavery: a Chapter in American History
The Reconstruction Era
Traveling the Santa Fe Trail

Easy books
Camping Out
Cinderella Zelda
Habitat for Bats
Ready, set, race
Snakes in Third Grade!
The Tree Fort
The Trouble with Trading
Disaster Day
Paul Bunyan
Robin Hood
At Bat!
Zoom to the Zoo!


Sports Biographies:
Drew Brees
The Manning Brothers
Tom Brady
Tony Romo
Adrian Peterson
DeMarcus Ware
LaDanian Tomlinson
Larry Fitzgerald
Ray Lewis
Troy PolamaluRole Model Athletes:
Danica Patrick
Derek Jeter
David Beckham
Shaun White
Dwayne Wade
Sheryl Swoopes
Tim Duncan
Venus & Serena WilliamsZoom into Space Series:
Comets, meteors, and Asteroids

Pluto and the Dwarf Planets

Defining Moments: Overcoming Challenges
Ray Charles
Jean Driscoll
Michael J. Fox
Bethany Hamilton
Helen Keller
Franklin Delano Roosevelt











We hope that your student will enjoy reading these books on their electronic device!