Supply Lists for Middle & High School Teachers

Supply Lists for Middle & High School Teachers

Since tax-free weekend is coming up, and our open house is from 2-4 on Sunday, we’re providing supply lists for middle and high school students.  If your teacher is not listed, keep checking back as we will be updating this post as they are turned in.


Each link should open to a photo shared through google drive.

Spanish I and Spanish II

Mrs. English- all math classes

Mrs. Reach- all English classes

Mrs. G- Algebra I

Mrs. G- 8th Grade Math

Mrs. G- 7th Grade Math

Mrs. G- 6th Grade Math

Miss Higgins- all classes

Mrs. Millican- Anatomy

Mrs. Millican- Biology

Mrs. Howard- 8th Grade Science

Mrs. Howard- 7th Grade Science

Mrs. Howard- 6th Grade Science

Mrs. Pat (Jones)- all classes

Mrs. Ludvik- all classes