Science Fair Winners

Science Fair Winners

Each year all high school students spend hours and days and weeks completing projects to compete in our school science fair. Judges come from all over to decide on winners for each category. Additionally, 3 top winners from the biological and physical categories will represent Bessemer Academy at the district science fair. The school winners were announced this week. Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to our district competitors!

9th Grade Biological

  • Honorable Mention (Oils and Ecoli) Mikayla Criss
  • Honorable Mention (The World May Never Know) Maddie McLaughlin
  • 3rd Place: (Sugar Sugar) Averie Blackwell
  • 2nd Place: (The Regeneration of Planaria) Sarah Carroll
  • 1st Place: (The Hatch Rate of Chickens) Alleigh Oswalt

9th Grade Physical

  • Honorable Mention: (Speed of Light) Elijah Whitt
  • 3rd Place: (Dirt or Grass) Dylan Lee
  • 2nd Place: (For the Love of Cookies) Hunter Jacks
  • 1st Place: (Wall Charger Vs. Car Charger) Hailey Hamrick

10th Grade Biological

  • Honorable Mention (Who Is a Leader?) Mary Beth Bailey
  • Honorable Mention (Can Plants Sense Their Environment?) Tim Taylor
  • 3rd Place: (Nap Time) Kensley Boyd
  • 2nd Place: (Essential Oils and Bacteria) Mackenzie Payton
  • 1st Place: (The Effects of Light & Fertilizer on Salvinia Minima) Grace Barrentine\\\

10th Grade Physical

  • Honorable Mention: (The Dew!)  Jonathan Harris
  • 3rd Place: (Hotel Shampoo v Retail Shampoo) Alese Antonello
  • 2nd Place: (Heat Retention Levels of Wood) Samantha Wade
  • 1st Place: (CPU Innovation) Andrew Lawley

11th Grade Biological

  • Honorable Mention: (Mice and Mozart) Tristan King
  • Honorable Mention: (A Gripping Issue) Tavish King
  • 3rd Place: (Laughing v Yawning) Maggie Bice
  • 2nd Place: (Natural v Synthetic) Alexis Duncan
  • 1st Place: (The Toxicity of Pesticides on Daphnia) Baleigh Jones

11th Grade Physical

  • Honorable Mention: (That’s Deep Bro) Jeff Warren
  • Honorable Mention: (How Much Fat Is In Your Food?) Matthew Thomas
  • Honorable Mention: (SEC Baseball) Landon Moore
  • 3rd Place: (How Do You Keep Your Glow?) Logan Hyde
  • 2nd Place: (Electrolyte Fight Nyte) Ben Casey
  • 1st Place: (Which Bridge Sags the Least) Jacob Wade

12th Grade Biological

  • Honorable Mention: (Spice Vs. Ecoli) Jonathan Baldwin
  • Honorable Mention: (Click to the Beat) Sam Linholm
  • 3rd Place: (Why Yeast So Gassy?) Xaviar Coleman
  • 2nd Place: (Gender Differences in Emotional Recognition) Cassidy Nolan
  • 1st Place: (School Burn Out) Ashlyn Hamrick

12th Grade Physical

  • 3rd Place: (4 Piece vs. 5 Piece Golf Ball) Wesley Davis
  • 2nd Place: (Do You Feel the Burn?) Matthew Revel
  • 1st Place: (Cheap vs. Expensive Golf Balls) Nick Perry
Overall Biological District Winners
3rd Place: (Water Bear Don’t Care) Jessica Ponder
2nd Place: (Catalyst) Kaitlin Harris
1st Place: (Synthetic Vs. Natural) Kiley Turk
Overall Physical Science District Winners
3rd Place: (Sun Protection) Alexis Oliver
2nd Place: (Magnetic Effects) Christian Hayes
1st Place: (Is Public Wifi Safe?) Judson Hogeland