Over 90 participate in See You at the Pole 2015 at Bessemer Academy

Gathering together around our flag pole this morning was a sizable group of students, parents, faculty, and staff. Over 90 participated, assembling in small prayer groups and finally in one large circle. We prayed for each other, our families, our school, our community, our nation, and for students who attend schools where prayer is not allowed.

We also thanked God for BA where we can pray freely. Senior Mike Williams led the final prayer.

Thank you to Mr. Kitchens, our Teens for Christ sponsor, for organizing the event and to student pastor Chris Williams of Flint Hill Baptist Church for leading us in prayer this morning.IMG_2974 IMG_2964 (1) IMG_2968 (1) IMG_2965 (1) IMG_2971 (1) IMG_2970 (1) IMG_2976 (1) IMG_2972 (1) IMG_2975 (1) IMG_2977 (1) IMG_2973 (1)