Miss Higgins’s Digital Classroom

Quiz retake request form — fill this out if you need to retake a quiz after we’ve taken it twice as a whole class.

Quiz grade tracking form — make a copy of this sheet to keep in your Google Drive. Change the concept names and numbers to the most recent ones for your class and type your score out of 5 for each number. If you retake a quiz, delete the old score and put in the new one. This should help you keep up with your grades and what quizzes you need to retake.

Communication — If you have questions while you work, use Google Classroom to post them. You can post a picture/screenshot of DeltaMath, a quick video question, etc. You can also answer each other’s questions there. I want to use that so everyone can see each other’s posts to help each other out. I will check it at least once a day to answer any questions that are posted there. If you have a question just for me that isn’t for the whole class, you are welcome to email or text me.

If you can’t access your FACTS, email Mrs. Wade at kwade@bessemeracademy.com 

Tips for distance learning:

  • Read everything.
  • Check your grades regularly. 
  • Check for the teacher’s updates on Planbook regularly.
  • Ask questions (Hey, Google Classroom!).

Email: vhiggins@bessemeracademy.com