Meet our new teachers

Meet our new teachers



Paige Arrington

Jonathan Harris

Favorite Tradition: Christmas/ Family Vacation
Favorite Student: All
College: Jacksonville State University, Master’s Degree English Language Arts
Favorite Team: US Equestrian Olympic, Jacksonville State
Teaches: Honors English 9-11 and Drama Club
Unique Experience: Attends Dave Matthew Band Shows every summer


Howard Beckner

Colby Kelley

Where did you go to college? U.A. and U.T.
What are unique things you experienced? Traveled around the world
Where did you come from before BA? Was retired and worked as a programer
What is your favorite tradition? Christmas


Candi Boissel

Tucker Downey, Nash Dowlen

(Tucker) – “How do you like BA so far?”
(Mrs. Boissel) – “I love it!”
(Tucker) – “What do you teach?”
(Mrs. Boissel)- “Spanish 1&2 as well as elementary art and music”
(Tucker) – “Where did you attend college?”
(Mrs. Boissel) – “UAB, a Masters in early education”
(Tucker) – “Did you play any sports?”
(Mrs. Boissel) – “Nooo”
(Tucker) – “Do you have any children?”
(Mrs. Boissel) – “Yes, 2 of them”
(Tucker) – “What is your favorite tradition at BA?”
(Mrs. Boissel) – “Prayer and devotion in the mornings”


Jeremy Brown

Devon McGhee, Jeb Barry

Where did you come from: Hueytown.
Favorite Tradition: Getting together with his family on thanksgiving.
Favorite student: Preston Jones.
College: University of Alabama.
Favorite team/sport/holiday: Chicago Cubs, Baseball, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
What do you teach: Health, Nutrition, PE life, Recreational sports.
What is a cool or unique experience: First day of teaching in the classroom.


Josh Cagle

Samantha Wade, Grace Brister

(sam) “Where did you come from?”
(cagle) “Tuscaloosa, Rock Quarry Middle and was also a coach at Lawson.”
(sam) “What is your favorite BA tradition?”
(cagle) “Alma Mater.”
(sam) “Who is your favorite student?”
(cagle) “Kensley Boyd.”
(sam) “What college did you go to?”
(cagle) “Stillman College.”
(sam) “What is your favorite team?’
(cagle) “Alabama.”
(sam) “What’s your favorite sport?”
(cagle) “Baseball.”
(sam) “What is your favorite holiday?”
(cagle) “Christmas.”
(sam) “What do you teach?”
(cagle) “Electives.”
(sam) “What’s a cool experience you’ve had?”
(cagle) “Winning three conference championships.”


Ben Ensor

Kalie Howell

1. where did you come from?
Carbon Hill
2. favorite tradition
prayer before game
4. college?
Mount Union, Liberty
5. favorite team, sport, holiday?
Alabama football, and christmas
6. What do you teach?
7. what’s a cool, unique experience you’ve had?
at a 7 on 7, he got to hang out with Brett Favre for like 45 mins


DeAnn Humber

Dria Jones, Alyssa Wilder, Sydney Musgrove

(us) “Where did you come from?”
(teacher) “I worked with the Jefferson Co School System 28 years (taught at Bagley/Corner) last year I taught at Sumiton Christian.”

(us) “Fave student so far?”
(teacher) “I can let you know after Christmas.”

(us) “College?”
(teacher) “UAB”

(us) “Fave team/sport?”
(teacher) “Auburn Tigers”

(us) “What do you teach?”
(teacher) “6,7, & 8th math”

(us) “What’s a cool/unique experience you’ve had?”
(teacher) “Watching my 3 children grow to become successful, dependant hard working adults and begin families of their own.”

(us) “How long have you been teaching?”
(teacher) “Starting my 30th year”


Michelle Hyde

Kaitlyn Mauldin

(Kaitlyn) “Where did you come from?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “Pleasant Grove Elementary “
(Kaitlyn) “Favorite tradition?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “Football winning tradition”
(Kaitlyn) “What college did you go to?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “North Alabama”
(Kaitlyn) “What is your favorite sport?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “Softball”
(Kaitlyn) “What’s your favorite team?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “Auburn tigers“
(Kaitlyn) “What’s your favorite holiday?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “Christmas“
(Kaitlyn) “what do you teach?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “I teach reading to middle school.”
(Kaitlyn) “What do you coach?”
(Mrs. Hyde) “I teach volleyball and softball”


Lindsey Kessler

Will Morrow

Where did you go to college? Samford
What did you major in? Athletic Training
Did you play any sports? Pole vaulter
Favorite tradition? To be discovered
Favorite thing about Bessemer Academy? Kids are respectful. Coaches are awesome.
Favorite color? Purple


Nathan Kitchens

Will Morrow

See video interview


Jamie Mangione

Andrew Lawley

From Pleasant Grove
Favorite Tradition is Christmas
Went to school at UAB
Favorite Team is Alabama Football
Favorite sport is Baseball
Both kids have gone to BA since K4, married to Shane for 18 years, Daughter graduated from BA last year.


Buffie Miller

Brody Carroll

-Where did you come from?
Lived in Illinois
-Favorite tradition?
Love to decorate for Christmas
-What college did you attend and for how long?
University of Alabama – 16 years
-Favorite team/sport/holiday?

  • Favorite football team- Alabama
  • Favorite baseball team- Cubs
  • Favorite holiday- Christmas

-What do you teach?
-Cool or unique experience?
Snorkeling in Bahamas with sea turtles
-Tell us about your family
Only part of their family that lives in Alabama, married with 3 kids, all go to BA


Taylor Powell

Jonathan Harris

From: Coached at Vincent and Gardendale for softball
Favorite Tradition: Christmas, spending time with family
Favorite Student: Shannon Poole
College: Wallace State/UAB
Favorite Team/Sport/Holiday: Alabama Football/Softball/Christmas
Teaches: PE (Elementary and Middle) and Athletics
Unique Experience: Played in the National Softball League in Las Vegas


Nellie Revel

Anna Jayde Zilinskas

Where did you come from? Shades Mountain Christian
Where did you graduate from college? UAB
Favorite football team? Auburn
Favorite sport? Baseball
Favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you teach? Fourth grade


Emily Rodgers

Maggie Bice, Kensley Boyd

(maggie) Where did you come from?
(rodgers) Master’s at North Alabama
(maggie) favorite BA tradition?
(rodgers) Peprallies !!!
(maggie) favorite student?
(rodgers) My daughter in Pre K
(maggie) favorite sports team?
(rodgers) married to an alabama fan
(maggie) favorite holiday
(rodgers) Christmas
(maggie) what do you teach?
(rodgers) English
(maggie) unique experience
(rodgers) visiting Puerto Rico, staying at Egyptian embassy in Washington, DC