Homecoming Pep Rally 2016

Homecoming Pep Rally 2016

Thank you to Mrs. Morrow and all the SGA members who worked so hard to make this year’s homecoming week so much fun!

The cheer squads presented their new routines with some crazy good pyramids. Wow those stunts! You girls rock!

Just when we think the dance team can’t get any better than they already are, they prove us wrong. And happy birthday captain Kiley Turk!

Our pep rally today included the annual juniors v seniors tug of war. Seniors won!

The games included some head-to-head hula hoop action.

Many of our teachers were asked to show a little of their hidden talents. Mr. White played the trumpet, Mrs. Hott sang the beginning of the alma mater, Ms. English did the hula, and Mr. Hooper amazed us with his standing back tuck! Coach Jon was not present to defend his title as reigning toe touch king, so Mrs. Kelly asked the new coaches to come on down and see what they could do. Mr. Kitchens and Coach Bartley made very respectable jumps, but in the end, a tie was declared between Coach Millican and Coach Carter. Finally Miss Stewart showed us her not-so-rusty-at-all tumbling skills by doing a tumbling pass of 3? 4? 5? 6? back handsprings. (We lost count!)

The juniors took the prize of the high school spirit stick, and Mrs. Reaves’ 4th graders won the elementary prize.

Our homecoming court 2016 was introduced.

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Happy HOCO 2016! Go REBELS!