Accelerated Math 8

In order to be fully prepared for Accelerated Math 8, we require students entering 8th grade on the accelerated math pathway to complete some summer assignments. Students who chose the accelerated pathway will take Geometry in 9th grade, Algebra II in 10th grade, Precalculus in 11th grade, and finish their senior year with Calculus. This pathway has pros and cons. The biggest benefit is preparation for the ACT and college-level courses. However, not all students feel successful with a faster pace, and can be high-achieving honors students without the accelerated math pathway. Consider your student’s current and past math course grades, their standardized test scores, and their maturity level before opting into this pathway.

If you decide this is the right path for your student, they will need to complete summer work prior to their 8th grade year. Every other week, a new assignment will be posted on DeltaMath (linked in Google Classroom). Each assignment can be completed any time over the next two weeks (the due date is on the assignment), and it will have an instructional video to go along with it, as well as individual videos for many of the problems. Most assignments should take 30-40 minutes each. Instructions for signing up for DeltaMath are below.

If you have specific questions that the videos don’t answer, feel free to email Miss Higgins any time at

To view and complete assignments, students must join the Google Classroom with the code sd47vwa.