The Honors Program

Bessemer Academy provides the honors program for students who desire challenging academics in order to prepare for college.

The teachers of our honors classes take pride in creating learning opportunities that prepare their students for the rigors of post-secondary study. These opportunities come in many forms depending on the teacher and the curriculum.


Our honors program has the following 3 main components:

1. Complete the following academic requirements:

For the graduating class of 2013 and thereafter, to graduate with honors from Bessemer Academy (now that an honors programs in English, Science and Math exists), the student must

Meet all requirements for obtaining the highest diploma available.

Successfully complete all Honors courses available with a grade of “C” or higher in each course.

If the student transfers to BA during grade 9, 10, 11, or 12, his previous English courses for these grades must have been at the advanced or honors level, and he or she must have earned at least a grade of “C” or higher in each.

Complete all Honors Math and Honors Science classes that have been offered.

In addition, no student would be allowed to drop any level of Honors English, Honors Math, or Honors Science without prior approval from the honors teacher. This would apply both at the end of semester 1 and from year to year.

2. Complete at least 75 hours of documented community service hours.

Class of 2015 shows off their Google Chromebooks
Class of 2015 shows off their Google Chromebooks