2018 Academic Signing Day

2018 Academic Signing Day

We began a new BA family tradition today – Senior Academic Signing Day. Our seniors who have accepted an academic scholarship were recognized in a special ceremony. While we already hold signing days for athletic scholarships, and we recognize all senior achievements at Awards Day and Graduation, we wanted to specifically honor these academic scholarships. These scholarships include vocational studies, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.


Jonathan Baldwin – University of Alabama at Birmingham

McKenzie Barnes – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Katherine Bischoff – Jacksonville State University

Will Caldwell – Lawson State Community College

Samantha Criss – Jacksonville State University

Wesley Davis – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Korteisa Diggins – Lawson State Community College

Roman Fletcher – Martin Methodist College (TN)

Ashlyn Hamrick – Samford University 

Lauren Hawkins – Xavier University of Louisiana (LA)

Kayla Head – Lawson State Community College

Dylan Johnson – Lawson State Community College

Samantha Linholm – Jacksonville State University

Gracie Mangione – Lawson State Community College

Chase Medders – The University of Alabama

Tamia Moore – Lawson State Community College

Cassidy Nolan – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Nicholas Perry – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jessica Ponder – Samford University 

Yoshi Porterfield – Lawson State Community College

Matthew Revel – Jefferson State Community College

Kiley Turk – Samford University


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