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Lawson State – Dual Enrollment

The deadline for Dual Enrollment applications is August 17th. Dual Enrollment Orientation is scheduled for August 18th at
9:00 a.m. Students need to apply on the Lawson State website. Please review the links below, as they will help you get to the needed
information faster.


Grant covered program list:

Fall class schedule:



Scholarship Form

Please use the link above to submit all scholarships you have received to the counselor.



Scholarship Information

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The goal of the counseling office at Bessemer Academy is to assist all of our students in the following three areas:
Personal/Social Issues
Guidance for Academic Goals
Career Counseling
As students grow and change over the years they will be faced with many important decisions and situations. We want to empower them to make the best decisions possible. Students are free to stop by the counselor’s office at any time with teacher’s permission. If the counselor can not meet with them at that time, an appropriate time will be set up.