Digital Classrooms


Remote Learning

Remote learning is intended to be for a limited time and is reserved for students who need to quarantine or have special approval from the headmaster.

  • If you need to quarantine, contact the main office immediately. You may be placed on the remote learning list, so you will be able to Zoom with your classes and receive all work during your absent time.
  • You need to quarantine if:
    • You are waiting for COVID test results.
    • You are COVID positive.
    • Someone in your household is COVID positive.
  • Students in grades 6-12 should check Planbook on the school website and Google Classroom for each teacher.
  • Students in grades K-5 should check Planbook on the school website and ClassDojo.

If you can’t access your INOW, email Mrs. Morrow at jlmorrow [at] bessemeracademy [dot] com 

Tips for distance learning:

  • Read everything.
  • Check your grades regularly. 
  • Check for the teacher’s updates regularly.
  • Ask questions (Google Classroom, Class Dojo, email).