Most, if not all, of the content for the next few weeks will be mobile-friendly, meaning that a student’s current cell phone or tablet should work fine. A desktop, laptop, or chromebook will also work well.

In addition to what is posted here on the website, we will also have live “Zoom days” for grades 6-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginning April 6, we will have “Zoom days” on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week. If using a mobile device students will need to download the Zoom app on the devices they will be using. Students and teachers will participate in a live video chat during their regularly-scheduled class times on Zoom days.

Students in K5 through 5th grade will have Zoom time scheduled by their teachers when parents can be available to assist as needed. That schedule will be posted on the website under the teacher’s name. Our goal behind using this tool is to allow students to be in regular communication with their teachers and classmates.